Server Update Notes:

14th August 2012:

* Started installing mcdigr

* Explored Help Page Plugins

* Added WorldMap

* Installed ‘EndSwear’ Plugin

* Fixed ‘WorldGuard’ bug which disabled it

* Added cave region ‘WorldGuard’ which is from x:40 to x:0

* Added regions from v1p9-v1p15

* Fixed priority issue WorldGuard

* Confirmed Open Day and advertised date.

* Added ‘Apply page’ to website

* Update Logblock, bpermissions and minor plugins

* Sorted Backups

* Fixed reload bug which crashed server

* Dynmap based plugins updated

* WorldEdit updated
– Removed ‘obfuscator’ plugin

– Removed Ajnin123


15th August 2012:

* Installed Dynamp, some logging plugins and a world map

* Installed NoLag plugin

* Ran open day

*Added 1 member to whitelist, one other unconfirmed

* Started to plan night-shifts

– Removed cave region

– Removed Ajnin123

Italic events are done by Robbietalk

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