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Bpermissions – Creator

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Hi everyone!
Recently I have been doing a course about Python on Coursera. It has been really fun!

Also, I have been really wanting to do a big coding project with my new skills of python/HTML/java-script. I tried with a game first.

Game Play

It being a game of course, my school quickly blocked it.

My friend said he planned of buying a physical server. After asking if I could host a Minecraft server off it, he said yes. Jokaydia who hosts Jokaydia Minecrafts ( has always been a fan of bpermissions. It updates regularly and is fairly simple to use. The issue I found however is that it’s still too complex. Entering the world of server making can be tricky, and having to write hundreds of lines of YAML config doesn’t make it easier. There must be a simpler way! I tried to use Bpermissions GUI. It’s “simple” and “user friendly”. Yes, you can do changes, but most of those changes crashes your bpermissions and deletes it. It also rarely updates as it is not used much in comparison to Bpermissions. For many, it is great. But maybe not so for those just starting.

What if I could do better?

I asked Jokaydia, 9bear and Punk rocker and they seemed interested. They said I should have a try!

Code-Skulptor is a free tool for the python course I am using. It’s online, cloud based and has the simple-gui plugin. Perfect for what I need! After around 5 hours of typing, testing and bugfixing, I created this.
Note: the stands for how many saves I did to create it. My internet crashes a lot…

The updated link will always be at the bottom.

Instructions to use:
1. Have a rough read-through on how to install bpermissions and some basic understanding what terms like inheritance means.

Falcon did a post on setting up a server, check it out!:
While you’re at it, why not check out one of my alpha testers, Nattbott!

2. When you click the link . Click the Blue arrow in the top left. This runs the program.

The updated link will always be at the bottom.

3. To enter a box, click the box. Type the info. Press enter. It will only work if you press enter.

Press enter.

2013-05-29_12474. If you are a developer/want to share the permissions. Click print data.
At the top of the screen (around line 4) there is a line that says data = []
replace data = [] with data = [info, info, info, info]. This will import it.

5. To create a new rank press the —> arrow (and add the appropriate info) and to look back press <—-.

9999 ranks can be stored. Also where is says Current Rank is <>, it will then add the name of the rank you are looking at!

6. Press print permissions! You are done!

This prints in the console (the thing right to all that nice code) your formatted and ready to paste permissions.

Thanks to all the alpha testers which helped me make this! I would love to see some constructive feedback in the comments. 😀

[Note: The updated version will always be here:

The day in the life of : A map maker

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Here are my two maps for my server:

Real Life:



The day in the life of : Having a server open day!

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

On August the 15th 9am till 9am 16th of August (UK Time) I Shall be running a open day, YAY! for time zones!

To connect on Minecraft, the IP is:

My Server is a RP Server called Odervon where we encourage community’s to form.

Odervon is a Minecraft RPG hosted by the 123minecast server.
In Odervon you can get a job, explore, build and play.

To get a region, type /rr buy (region name)

Region names will be in the format of:

v1p(Number) – Number is  1-15 at the moment but we hope it grows!

To see the map, and current regions:

I do try to remove swearing, griefing i.e as much as I can, but it could happen.

I hope everyone has fun on my server as I have put many months into it!

Also, please apply for the white-list on:

The day in the life of: A busy Aj : Don’t Read Jo!

Monday, August 13th, 2012

I would like to write to post to say some key points:

– My holiday will have little to none internet.

– My Server will be up soon.

– It has just been my bar mitzvah (for some reason apple’s dictionary doesn’t know the word mitzvah).

I would like to say sorry for the recent and upcoming lack of posts.

In the meantime, I will be making a few videos.


Do you want to see my barmitzvah video?



The day in the life of a : Server Host : Part Two

Saturday, August 4th, 2012

How to update a server:

I know a lot of you will be updating your servers for 1.3.1. But…how?
After updating over 145 plugins today and working 5 hours strait, I’m done updating! YAYYYYY!

  1. Backup! Backup! Backup! I advise using a plugin such as Mine backup for this. Or if the server is home hosted, copy the server into your hard drive. Warning: Backup Plugins do sometimes break privacy laws, use with caution!
  2. Update the server jar file to a dev build if it’s early in development (some are broken). Always try to use recommended builds.
  3. Install the big plugins, one by one. Test them, and update all the files possible. If they don’t work, log it and delete it. For smaller plugins you can update them in chunks.
  4. Test everything works together in chunks, maybe see if the update works for a friend.
  5. If plugins didn’t work, wait a few days and check they’ve updated.
  6. Share reports with friends, maybe that will help make their server updating simpler.
  7. Your Done!

If you need help, feel free to comment. 😉

The day in the life of : Finding epic servers

Friday, August 3rd, 2012
Massively Minecraft is an epic server, and has always been. No story is needed this time. No more should or needs to be said.

The day in the life of : Being a server host

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

My server :)

Anyone under the age of 18 should have permission from a parent or guardian before joining new servers.

I’m working on the new server like my friends and I have been for 8 months now due to the grief of the past :S. And its coming out next week! Its going to be 24/7, and have tons of jobs and quests to do. This time, there will be more antigreifing, and people will have plots which they can build in with their friends. The website is simple, (click the image to go to it). Please come join my white list, you know you want too! 🙂 By the way, there are 24 slots all the time, so come with a friend as well to have twice the fun.

The day in the life of : My skin

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

The day in the life off : My skin

This is my skin on Minecraft (Ajnin123), and I hope you get used to it. But what does it mean. Why is it so…random. Well, unlike many players. My skin has a story.

TNT Skin:
It started as a simple tnt skin. This was soon after I started Minecraft, back in the days of .6 beta. I was a average person on a multilayer server. Slowly but carefully getting myself up the ranks, until I became a moderator on it. But soon after becoming moderater. I found the truth. The admins on the server were sucking the information of their players and selling it to companies. When they reset the map and destroyed all the players builds, me and some friend rebelled (peacefully). On the empty map, we worked together to gain thousands of tnt, and as quick as the admins has made the map, it was gone. Nothing but a few seconds of work had been destroyed, but it showed to the players of the server that they had been sold off to companies. However a day later a treatment was made between me and the admins to end their crimes and to bring back the builds of what was the old map. At last! I had changed the course of MInecraftian history! 🙂 I wish to never grief again, but I felt that the players has the right to know.

After starting from nothing again, I started my own server, learning how to create a peaceful and settled community. Unlike my grief however, no reason was given. Team Avolation, the worlds worst greifers had struck. One of the best antigreifers was from Finland and spoke Finnish (I however have learnt some Finnish from him). In honor, I wore his skin, his suit as a sign of respect. Due to this grief I am still recovering, with costs up too £120, the loss of 987 players and thousands of builds.

Headset & Cool Hands
In my final attempt to find somewhere which I can peaceful mine on, I found Massively Minecraft. Its an epic community, and I am now moderater on it. Because of my video skills, I have been chosen to make a film for the server, hence my director glasses and headset. Thus concluding my skin (the blue hands I just drew because it was the theme at the time of making the final skin). But even on Massively Minecraft, the battle is on the beat the greifers.