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Sunday, October 6th, 2013

Hi All!

The summer holidays are over and as winter approaches, I would like to reflect on what’s happening and what is yet to come. During the summer holidays, as you may know, I went to the Scratch conference. I met a ton load of people at the Scratch conference:

blob8108 – 8108 is suppost to be blob in number form. He created some tools which makes the transition between Scratch and Python a little less scary. His friends also came along, and taught me some Python.

Sjoerd Dirk Meijer – Creator of the Shrimp Key, a under $10 version of the well known Makey Makey.

Digital Maverick – Teacher, and hopefully going to host a conference in UK, which will be awesome.

Joek van Montfort, @xota – The amazing person who hosted the conference.

Mitchel Resnick – The creator of Scratch. I like to think of him like Tom Lehrer of the modern world. He engages people in topics in new and interesting ways. Words cannot describe what he has done to the education system of ICT in the UK and worldwide.

CoderDojo, Rasberry Pi, Arduino, Catrobat – These are changing the face of technology of the UK, by teaching and innovating young and old.

…And so many more!

I think it’s good to see a change in the ICT curriculum in ICT due to Scratch. Instead of learning Microsoft, students will be learning programming, a new way of thinking. Scratch is offering so much and is being expanded in so many ways. While I was there I saw robots programmed in Scratch, Google Maps and even a simple AI.

While I was there, I talked to Mitchel Resnick about the future of Scratch, and here are the three things I am most excited for:

– Tablet versions of Scratch. iCatty is the start of this. Soon you can develop apps, like android app inventor via Scratch.

– Modules and functions. These are two things you have to learn when you leave Scratch at the moment, so it’s amazing these will be added.

– Scratch and Python merging, and allowing conversion of code. The learning curve between Scratch and text based code is fairly large. A step towards making it better, will be a good step.

“These are exciting times.” – Joek van Montfort

Other News:

I’ve been inspired to get a Rasberry Pi, relearn Javascript and HTML5, and make a website hosted on the Rasberry PI. Both from the stuff at Scratch2013bcn and want to explore deeper into computing has motivated me to do this.

Rasberry Pi’s are cheap: + internet cost + domain hosting (still deciding if I should buy another IP so I could host the domain?)

…and thus I can learn a lot without having to pay £100 or so for hosting.


Is this website going to be a game?

Yes. My friend does pixel art so it should be awesome.

Is this game going to be a copy of Cookie Clicker, also, what score have you got in Cookie Clicker so far?

No and 10 billion before I gave up/found out I had access to the java-script console.

Tatics for Cookie Clicker?

Well the mathematical way to do this is:

lorem ipsum **** admiumvenium ***** turolagulio **** hippopotamus ****** Republican **** Daniel Radcliffe ******* with a bucket of ***** in a castle far away where no one can hear you *** soup ** with a bucket of ****** Mickey Mouse ******** with a stick of dynamite **** magical **** ALAKAZAM!

(This is a reference to Potter Puppet Pals, a viral channel in 2007/8 – if you got it you have passed the test)

Actually, if you have had enough of the game:

I want to learn programming and I have/haven’t used Scratch. Help!

Code-academy is awesome and I advise you use Scratch to learn the basics. After Scratch you should learn Python and HTML. It may take a while, but it’s worth it. I don’t like using books as they limit what you can do in the programming language by making you do set things, and not express your programming creativity. If you have questions or want more help then the subreddit learn-programming and learn-python are good. You can also ask me in the comments, I’m happy to help. 🙂


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