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Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Hi everyone!
Recently I have been doing a course about Python on Coursera. It has been really fun!

Also, I have been really wanting to do a big coding project with my new skills of python/HTML/java-script. I tried with a game first.

Game Play

It being a game of course, my school quickly blocked it.

My friend said he planned of buying a physical server. After asking if I could host a Minecraft server off it, he said yes. Jokaydia who hosts Jokaydia Minecrafts ( has always been a fan of bpermissions. It updates regularly and is fairly simple to use. The issue I found however is that it’s still too complex. Entering the world of server making can be tricky, and having to write hundreds of lines of YAML config doesn’t make it easier. There must be a simpler way! I tried to use Bpermissions GUI. It’s “simple” and “user friendly”. Yes, you can do changes, but most of those changes crashes your bpermissions and deletes it. It also rarely updates as it is not used much in comparison to Bpermissions. For many, it is great. But maybe not so for those just starting.

What if I could do better?

I asked Jokaydia, 9bear and Punk rocker and they seemed interested. They said I should have a try!

Code-Skulptor is a free tool for the python course I am using. It’s online, cloud based and has the simple-gui plugin. Perfect for what I need! After around 5 hours of typing, testing and bugfixing, I created this.
Note: the stands for how many saves I did to create it. My internet crashes a lot…

The updated link will always be at the bottom.

Instructions to use:
1. Have a rough read-through on how to install bpermissions and some basic understanding what terms like inheritance means.

Falcon did a post on setting up a server, check it out!:
While you’re at it, why not check out one of my alpha testers, Nattbott!

2. When you click the link . Click the Blue arrow in the top left. This runs the program.

The updated link will always be at the bottom.

3. To enter a box, click the box. Type the info. Press enter. It will only work if you press enter.

Press enter.

2013-05-29_12474. If you are a developer/want to share the permissions. Click print data.
At the top of the screen (around line 4) there is a line that says data = []
replace data = [] with data = [info, info, info, info]. This will import it.

5. To create a new rank press the —> arrow (and add the appropriate info) and to look back press <—-.

9999 ranks can be stored. Also where is says Current Rank is <>, it will then add the name of the rank you are looking at!

6. Press print permissions! You are done!

This prints in the console (the thing right to all that nice code) your formatted and ready to paste permissions.

Thanks to all the alpha testers which helped me make this! I would love to see some constructive feedback in the comments. 😀

[Note: The updated version will always be here: