About Making More Posts…

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

Hi Everyone,

About making more posts and videos, I will get back to that! For the last few weeks it’s basically been snow and a new start to school. Now though I’m settling in. Also, I’m currently learning on codeacadamy and making a website. At the moment it’s mostly secret to non friends and family.

Also, Scratch 2.0 came out!!!!
I decided to make a fake letter to Mitchel Resnick (sorry if I spelt that wrong) to celebrate my favorite features (and how I would use them).


Dear Mitchel Resnick,

Thank you for launching Scratch Beta 2.0, it’s really awesome!

First of all, cloning was added (in script form)!:

1. You could use cloning to make fast landscapes, with scroll x and y.

2. Or, you could use it to split and object into indervidal pixels, which allows you to zoom in and out with great detail (like a magnifying glass could be added).

3. Or you could recreate bacteria and watch it evolve with an AI…

(or you could develop on my game of life to make it super vast and awesome and fast?…)


Then they added cloud variables and lists:

1. You could generate pi (π) with thousands/millions of users. :O

2. I’m not sure if they update live, but something people probably haven’t noticed yet is that you could make a live multiplayer game (such as a car game). If variables and lists don’t update live, they should (I haven’t done bug testing yet) 😀

3. Or we could just map the entire observable universe (also using clone tool)…

(or you could recreate python in Scratch?…)


The possibility’s are endless.

In conclusion I cannot wait for a downloadable version of this and all!




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