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Sunday, November 11th, 2012

Scratch Project

By the way, holding shift and clicking the green flag (in flash player) will make the maths run twice as fast (It should say turbo mode, tested in IE and Firefox)!
Scratch Project

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You know how at school you flipped a coin with your class mates, and after 500 repeats or so, the odds of either became 50/50. This does that, but shows the live stats including graphs, percentages and raw data.

The graph/percentage works like this:

  • Say I roll a heads H:100% T:0%
  • Say I now roll a tails H:50% T:50%
  • Now I roll a heads H:75% T:25%

You can customize the amount of time’s you flip to make the 2 percentages insanely close (I’ve done up to 24 million).


Also, if you’re into python, here’s some code to try which gives you some raw data as well!

import random

#allows python to be random

#sets the variables to 0

for x in range (1,100000000):

#100 million can be replaced with any number, 1 million takes about 20 seconds.
    if n==1:

#Make a random number which is 1 or 2. If 1, set heads, if 2, set tails.
print “Themount of tails is”, Tails
print “The amount of heads is”, Heads

#Say “The amount of tails/heads is (number).


Dice Roll:

I’ve also done one for a dice roll. 6 variables, yeah…nevertheless, makes a downward curve graph which is cool.

The result should become 16.66666….7%

I’ve rounded the figures as there is too much data for the screen!


Please feedback belloooooww!




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