The day in the life of : Finding out what ‘Scratch’ is?

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

So…what’s Scratch?

Basically, for all those people who can’t code java at a pro level (or are scared of code)…there’s something for that.
Imagine Lego, but each brick has a basic bit of code, a variable, moving, rotating. e.c.t.
…and you can place these bricks in chronological order until you create a game, animation or simulation.

You can be mega complex…
Or you can make a cat do a dance.

You can use your project as inspiration/demonstration.
Convert it to an app.
Upload it to the interweb.
Use the code in Second-Life or Open-Sim
Or extend your project to make it recognize real life changes (sound, light, kinect, sliders e.c.t.).

Now it’s your turn…

My Scratching Experience (in a nutshell):

– I ran a scratch club for 4 years

– I have won the YFactor competition in my Scratch expertise.

– My friends and my teachers think I’m great at Scratch, and are constantly asking for advice. 🙂

– Mitchel Resnick (the creator), once wanted to Skype me, maybe I should of got round to doing so… :S


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