Out Of The Corner Of My Eye

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012


I did this story around 8 months ago…and in around 15 minutes, but, it did win a competition. Enjoy 😉


“My life has taken me through the stars, the sky, and all imaginable wonders of the uni- verse. My only limits are me. My life. My haters. My agonizing disabilities. My life is pain. Why am on this Earth at all? My depressing life started at Cambridge at only an age of eighteen. A disciplined but well educated university. My life was perfect back then. I had five degrees and still counting in great career leading subjects. But when I turned twenty, I had an epiphany. That I would dedicate my life to astrophysics and beyond the stars. I spent a dedicated five years working harder and harder to achieve my dream. Then it came to the greatest day of my life. The day which I had spent years working on. The day I release my theory. The walk to the stage was a long awaited walk. There was a long tension filled wait. Then it came to the speech. The reaction of the audience was very silent. Possibly too silent. When I concluded my speech, there was a short pause before I heard one man at the back of the crowd shout, “Boo”. Boo? How could it be? Why? Soon after the first reaction, the whole crowd was booing. I left the stage feeling a hole in my heart. A hole of which should have not been. A few years later, still in distress from what had happened a few years back, I was returning from a VERY long day of work. I sat in my chair feeling an unexpected tingling sensation. It only took a few minutes, but it was a life changing set of minutes, I was paralyzed. I spent a few days in hospital thinking I would recover, thinking that I would be all right and that it was a misunderstanding. But just like before, it wasn’t. Why was I cursed like this? Would I ever see light? I dreamed of a life full of scientific accomplishment. Now I will only see through the corner of my eye.”


A True Hero:



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