The day in the life of : Having a server open day!

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

On August the 15th 9am till 9am 16th of August (UK Time) I Shall be running a open day, YAY! for time zones!

To connect on Minecraft, the IP is:

My Server is a RP Server called Odervon where we encourage community’s to form.

Odervon is a Minecraft RPG hosted by the 123minecast server.
In Odervon you can get a job, explore, build and play.

To get a region, type /rr buy (region name)

Region names will be in the format of:

v1p(Number) – Number is  1-15 at the moment but we hope it grows!

To see the map, and current regions:

I do try to remove swearing, griefing i.e as much as I can, but it could happen.

I hope everyone has fun on my server as I have put many months into it!

Also, please apply for the white-list on:


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