The day in the life of : My skin

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

The day in the life off : My skin

This is my skin on Minecraft (Ajnin123), and I hope you get used to it. But what does it mean. Why is it so…random. Well, unlike many players. My skin has a story.

TNT Skin:
It started as a simple tnt skin. This was soon after I started Minecraft, back in the days of .6 beta. I was a average person on a multilayer server. Slowly but carefully getting myself up the ranks, until I became a moderator on it. But soon after becoming moderater. I found the truth. The admins on the server were sucking the information of their players and selling it to companies. When they reset the map and destroyed all the players builds, me and some friend rebelled (peacefully). On the empty map, we worked together to gain thousands of tnt, and as quick as the admins has made the map, it was gone. Nothing but a few seconds of work had been destroyed, but it showed to the players of the server that they had been sold off to companies. However a day later a treatment was made between me and the admins to end their crimes and to bring back the builds of what was the old map. At last! I had changed the course of MInecraftian history! 🙂 I wish to never grief again, but I felt that the players has the right to know.

After starting from nothing again, I started my own server, learning how to create a peaceful and settled community. Unlike my grief however, no reason was given. Team Avolation, the worlds worst greifers had struck. One of the best antigreifers was from Finland and spoke Finnish (I however have learnt some Finnish from him). In honor, I wore his skin, his suit as a sign of respect. Due to this grief I am still recovering, with costs up too £120, the loss of 987 players and thousands of builds.

Headset & Cool Hands
In my final attempt to find somewhere which I can peaceful mine on, I found Massively Minecraft. Its an epic community, and I am now moderater on it. Because of my video skills, I have been chosen to make a film for the server, hence my director glasses and headset. Thus concluding my skin (the blue hands I just drew because it was the theme at the time of making the final skin). But even on Massively Minecraft, the battle is on the beat the greifers.


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